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I think Paris is spectacular.  With The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, The Arc De Triomphe, and boats slowly making their way back and forth along the river through the middle of the city, it is a wonderful city to visit.

This photo below is of the Arc De Triomphe.  When I was there with my family there were cars all around this beautiful monument.  It would have been about ten dollars to go to the top, but we didn’t go, but I understand that the views from the top are quite spectacular.  If you go, you may want to go to the top for the view of the city.   And don’t wait to long to buy tickets for The Eiffel Tower, because they do run out.  We could have gone up, but the main website sold out a few weeks before we left and the only other option was the stairs, with a long wait to buy ticktets. 

The Arc De Triomphe
The Arc De Triomphe from above

The river boat cruises are very pleasant on a nice warm sunny day.  I recommend that you take a cruise if you go to Paris and have time.

Riverboat on The Seine River, Paris, France

If you decide to visit Paris, you may want to consider the hotel below.  It is right in the downtown Paris area, so you will wake up close to the Eiffel Tower, the river cruises, and The Notre Dame Cathedral.

A Choice Hotel In the Downtown Paris Area

Hôtel Molière - Paris, France

Located close to the Louvre Museum, this Paris hotel has rooms at good prices for such a great location.  Less than $250 a night for the dates I checked.  Most rooms are for just two people.  It is called Hôtel Molière.

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