The Caribbean

I think the Caribbean has my most favorite vacation destinations in the world, though the wonderful places in Oceania, like Bora Bora, are probably just as good in every way.  But the regular sun and warm beaches are so pleasant and relaxing.  I like the warm climates the most since I particularly don’t like to be cold.  How about you?  Do you love the warm climates as well?

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Trujillo, Honduras Nice beaches and warm weather in addition to nicely priced accomodations.   A Choice Hotel In the Area Nice relaxing beach …

Beautiful warm beaches with palm trees on a magical and lovely island with lots of people and food to buy on the beach. Of course there are also some very nice hotels to stay at on this charming island paradise.

Cancun has hundreds of amazing hotels with views of the beach. Many of the rooms are very big and often every room has an amazing view.