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Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is the most famous city in Morocco because of the movie, “Casablanca.” Rick’s Cafe, from the movie, is one of the big tourist spots for movie fans. And you will likely catch a tune played on the piano while you’re there. But there are also trendy street markets, the Casablanca Cathedral, and the splendid Hassan II mosque that are popular sites to see. The beach is also one of the best along the Atlantic to see.

A Choice Hotel In the Area

Here is a Hotel right on the beach with many great reviews and doesn’t cost a fortune either.  Here is what one reviewer had to say:  “We had views of the beach from our balcony, which also overlooked the swimming pool. Great being right next to the beach, watched sunsets every night. We were also right next door to the Anfa Shopping centre, so we could get food, drinks and go shopping.”

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